Charles & Sharon Griffith


Charles Francis Griffith

Charles Francis Griffith was born December 4, 1940. He married Sharon Kay Greenwood January 9, 1965 in Rock Island, Illinois.

Charles's parents: Charles Griffith & Margaret Mc Aloon

Sharon's parents: John Greenwood & Enid Cochran


Charles & Sharon's Children

Birth Death
Denise Griffith    
Elaine Griffith    


Chuck & Sharon's Wedding Picture

Notes for Charles Francis Griffith:

Chuck worked in sales management throughout his career. He probably never met a person who didn't like him. He really has a very likeable personality and has done very well in his profession.


Notes for Sharon Kay Greenwood:

Sharon was a registered nurse and has worked on and off throughout her life. She retired several years ago. She was a great mother and wife always being there for her family, especially with Chuck working out of town quite often.