Bernard & Margaret Daidone


Margaret Elizabeth Mallery was born July 5, 1964 in Ft. Thomas Kentucky. She married Bernard Daidone December 27, 1997 in Ft. Myers, Florida. He was born February 19, 1960 in New York City, New York.

Margie's parents: Carl Mallery & Colleen Griffith

Bernard's parents:

Notes for Margaret Elizabeth Mallery:

Margie attended Northern Kentucky Vocational School and took a course in computers. she also had a license to sell real estate in Kentucky. She now attends University of Florida and is majoring in Computer Programming and Business Administration.


Notes for Bernard Daidone:

Ben is a watch and clock repair person. He is one of the youngest in his trade. He has been written up in several newspapers because of his talent and capability to work on antique clocks. He also buys and sells clocks and watches.