Jimmy & Pamela Claassen


Pamela Ann Griffith was born May 18, 1953 She married (1)Robert Allen Williams, son of Eldon Williams and Mary Pribyl. He was born December 25, 1956 in Jackson, Minnesota. She met () Jimmy Allen Claassen June 18, 1971 in Holy Rosary Church, Graceville, Minnesota.

Pamela's parents:  Thomas Matthew Griffith & Deloris Mae Oletzke

Jimmy's parents: William Claassen & Meta Umland


Jimmy &  Pamela's Children

Birth Death
Linda Ann Claassen 17 Oct 1971  
Thomas Allen Claassen 19 Jun 1974  



Notes for Pamela Ann Griffith:

When Deloris decided she wanted to retire, Pam and Bob decided to take over the business to keep in the family. With the guidance and help from her mother the business is still thriving.