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Patrick Griffith was born on 17 March 1831 in County Donelgal, Ireland. He came to the United States and landed in New York City when he was 15 years old. He moved to Pittsburgh and he married Mary Tanney September 24, 1854 in Lawrenceville, (Pittsburgh) Pennsylvania. Patrick remained there for 7 years working at gardening and receiving for 62 cents a day; wages soon increased and he was able to earn a fair livelihood. In 1852 he packed up the family and moved Goodhue County, Minnesota, where he bought a farm of forty acres, In the fall of 1862 Patrick enlisted in the First Minnesota Heavy Artillery, and served until the close of the war some 9 months later. During his time in the service he was stationed at Chattanooga, Tennessee. due to poor rations and severe exposure, he lost his health, which he never fully regained. After the war Patrick  went home and work the farm hard and as fast as his means would allow, he bought additional land. When he sold out in 1878, his farm comprised some 280 acres under good cultivation. then he moved to Stevens County and bought 320 acres for $2600 and made that his home until moving to Morris in 1899. He died on 14 Nov 1905 in Morris, Minnesota.  

Marry was born May 4, 1830 in Tyrone, Ireland, and died August 31, 1925 in Morris, Minnesota. 


Patrick's parents:

Mary's parents: John & Sarah Tanney


Patrick & Mary's Children

Birth Death

John Bernard Griffith

11 Dec 1855


Michael Edward Griffith

3 Feb 1857


George Ambrose Griffith

30 Dec 1857

30 Aug 1930

James Patrick Griffith

28 Aug 1860


Sarah Anne Griffith

12 Jul 1864


Mary Ellen Griffith

05 Jul 1866

14 Jan 1961

Joseph Daniel Griffith

27 Mar 1868

11 May 1871
William Henry Griffith  16 Dec 1872 28 May 1891
Katherine Agnes Griffith 17 Feb 1872  
Margaret Jane Griffith 14 Jan 1875



Notes about Patrick Griffith:

Patrick came to the United States at about the age of 15. It is not documented if he traveled alone or with someone. There may have been up to five brothers who came to this country. On an early census another is listed below his name, the name cannon be read clearly.

After he and Mary were married they stayed in Pittsburgh for about seven years before they headed by oxen to Minnesota. The settled at a place called Cherry Grove. It is while living there that in 1862 he enlisted in the army and was assigned to the Fist Minnesota Heavy Artillery which was stationed in Tennessee where he remained till the close of the war. During these time the family may have had a hard time.

 This came from the Full Context of American Civil War Soldiers Database. 

Source: Minnesota in the Civil and Indian Wars 1861-65
Abbreviation: MNRoster
Published by on 1890

Enlist Date Enlist Place Enlist Rank Enlist Age
16 February 1865   Priv 35
Served Minnesota  Enlisted M Co. 1st HA Reg. MN Mustered Out on 27 September 1865  His unit was the Minnesota 1st. Heavy Arty. unit. Patrick was discharged from the Army with the rank of Privet.


Patrick received a land grant which is signed by then President Grover Cleveland.

Patrick's homestead Location:

Land Office Code: FERGUS FALLS
Document Number: 5303
Miscellaneous Document Number: 6443
Title Authority: HOMESTEAD
Signature: Y
Signature Date: 1888/04/06
Aliquot Parts: SW
Section Number: 12
Township: 125 N
Range: 43 W
Base Line: 5TH
Total Acres: 160.0000
Fractional Section: N
Subsurface Rights Reserved: N
Metes and Bounds Description: N
Canceled Document: N
Multiple Patentee(s): N
Multiple Warantee(s): N
Warantee Name:    
Accession Number: MN1050__.367
Image Name: 00014409
Volume ID: 529
Image Type: P

More about Patrick:

Cause of Death: Strokes


Notes for Mary Tanney:

The spelling of Mary's last name varies somewhat, it was shown as Kenny, Taney and Tanney.