George & Helen Griffith


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Helen Griffith

George Griffith

George Ambrose Griffith was born on 30 December 1858 in Lawrenceburg (Pittsburgh), Pennsylvania. He married Helen McCarthy on 9 Nov 1892 at Assumption Church, Morris, Minnesota. He died on 30 August 1930 in Graceville Minnesota Big Stone County. Helen was born  January 10, 1873 in Pesotum, Illinois (Champaign County), and died in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


George's parents: Patrick Griffith & Mary Tanney

Hellen's parents: Daniel McCarthy & Catherine Fitzgerald


George & Hellen's Children

Birth Death
William Leo Griffith 9 Sep 1893  
Katherine Marie Griffith 5 Feb 1897 7 Oct 1987
Lawrence Laurel Griffith 29 Jun 1899 21 Mar 1960
Charles Gaskil Griffith 7 Nov 1900 17 Jul 1988


George & Mary's Wedding Picture


Notes about George Griffith:

When George's parents decided to move from Pennsylvania his job was to care and feed the oxen, by which means they made they made their journey to Minnesota.

George ran a liver stable in Graceville as a means to support his family. The stable burned down under questionable conditions. George could not afford at that time to rebuild it himself. Dr Egan gave his help and together they rebuilt the building. Dr Egan had his office in the building. Dr. Egan was a brother-in-law of George.

George had red hair. He died suddenly possibly of a heart attack or stroke at the age of 72.


Notes for Ellen (Nellie) McCarthy:

Ellen was known as Nellie and possibly Helen. She was a very religious lady. She must have remained in Minnesota after her mother went back to Illinois. She married when she was about nineteen years old. She was bedridden the last eight to ten years of her life from Arthritis. She lived with her daughter Katherine who took care of her.