William & Irene Griffith


William Leo Griffith was born September 9, 1893 in Pepperton Town. Minnesota, and died in Graceville, Minnesota Big Stone County. He married Irene Mahony July 7, 1918 in Holy Rosary Church, Graceville, Minnesota. She was born 1895 in Morris, Minnesota Stevens County, and died 1988 in Morris, Minnesota Stevens County.

William's parents: George Griffith & Helen McCarthy

Irene's parents:


William & Children

Birth Death
James Robert Griffith 30 Aug 1920  
Thomas Matthew Griffith 21 Sep 1922  
Michael Griffith    
Helen Griffith    
Roger Griffith 30 Aug 1920  


Notes for William Leo Griffith:

William known as Leo owned and operated the Griffith Hardware in Graceville for most of his life. He also served in the Army during the WW1.

Cause of Death: Strokes