Albin & Katherine Gronlund


Katherine Marie Griffith was born February 5, 1897 in Graceville, Minnesota, and died October 7, 1987 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She married Albin Gronlund. He was born April 4, 1880 in Borvik Sweden, and died April 7, 1957 in Minnesota.

Albin's parents: Gustav Gronlund 

Katherine's parents: George Griffith & Helen McCarthy

  Albin & Katherine's Children

Birth Death
Bernice Gronlund 19 Aug 1928 20 Aug 1978
George William Gronlund 22 July 1925  
Richard Albin Gronlund 3 Mar 1927 1991
William Charles Gronlund 8 Jan 1929  
James Thomas Gronlund 15 May 1934  
Kathleen Mae Gronlund 16 Oct 1958 3 Sep 1998

Notes for Katherine Marie Griffith:

Latherine was a school teacher. It was while teaching in Forman, North Dakota that she met Pike (Albin) as he was known to all of us. She cared for her mother during her final years. She is buried at Ft. Snelling National Cemetery St. Paul, Minnesota.

More about Katherine Marie Griffith:

Cause of Death: Heart disease

Notes for Albin Grounlund:

Albin came to the United States from Sweden. He was a carpenter. He is buried at Fr. Snelling National Cemetery.