Richard & Jane Gronlund


Richard Albin Gronlund was born March 3, 1927 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and died 1991 in Minneapolis. He married Jane Phillips October 12, 1957 in St. Anne's Church, Frankfort, South Dakota. she was born April 20, 1938 in Frankfort, South Dakota.

Richard's parents: Albin Gronlund & Katherine Griffith

Jane's parents:

 Richard & Jane's Children

Birth Death
Sandy Gronlund 23 Jun 1958  
Donald Gronlund 14, Jan 1960  
Michael Gronlund 3 Mar 1961  
Russell (Rusty) Gronlund 12 Apr 1962  


Notes for Richard Albin Gronlund:

Dick served in the US Navy. He and his family lived close to his Mother. They always looked in on her and helped her when she needed them. As did the rest of her family. Dick and Jane were divorced. Dick was a truck driver.


More about Richard Albin Gronlund:

Cause of Death: Cancer